Paris, France
Hotel Monge
When you come to the Hotel Monge, you immediately feel that you are in Paris!

Stylish, elegant and comfortable rooms, even large in size by Parisian standards (in Parisian hotels, the rooms are usually quite small), comfortable bed, graceful design of the lobby, where it is pleasant to sit with a glass of wine in the evening, attentive staff and French charm, which is felt in the details.⠀

Hotel Monge has a great location - in the heart of the youthful Latin Quarter (one of my favorite areas of Paris with a special atmosphere), next to the Sarbonne, the Panthéon and a 5-minute walk from Notre Dame de Paris. The area has a huge number of delicious restaurants and cozy streets.⠀

The building of the hotel is the former house of family, who played a significant part of the community of the Left bank of Paris.⠀

Delicious and full breakfast, "honesty bar", hammam - everything is done in the hotel for you to relax after a long walk through the Parisian streets ❤️.

The interior design of the Hotel Monge is really special. It was created by Marie-Agnes Louboutin and Patrice Henri and combines modernity with a bourgeois houses.⠀

You feel the style, the French style, and the main secret is in the details, the little things that don’t catch your eye the first time, but which you notice when you look at it ...⠀

The decor of the hotel is inspired by its location and history: floral elements like the proximity of the botanical garden, elements of travel, books like the proximity to Sarbon and a reference to literary Paris.⠀

Luxurious combination of colors (black, white, red and gold), vintage books from the 19th century, stylish fashion magazines, art books, velvet, lamps, thoughtful lighting, paintings - all this creates a French charm.⠀

It's like a French style of dressing - everything seems simple, but due to high-quality materials, expensive accessories and even walking, you understand that in front of you is a French woman.⠀

Add to this the first-class amenities and the attention of the team - and your stay at the hotel will be unforgettable ✨.

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