Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel

Berlin, Germany

Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel is an island of Scandinavian elegance and Balinese spirit in the center of Berlin. ⠀

It is a very unusual, atmospheric and cozy place.⠀

And that’s why:⠀

1. Lulu Guldsmeden is an eco hotel, natural materials, bio products and eco cosmetics are here.⠀

2. The hotel is located within walking distance from Potsdamer Platz.⠀

3. There is no breakfast buffet in the hotel, breakfasts are served in sets, taking into account your recommendations for allergies, etc., healthy, hearty and tasty.⠀

4. Rooms - loft, compact, but very cozy and stylish.⠀

5. The hotel is family-oriented: the rooms have a swing, the second floor, various games and a candy bar are prepared in the lobby for children (you can take gelatins without restrictions), there is also a rental of ordinary and family bicycles.⠀

6. The inner courtyard of the hotel is a special love, everything is so cozy and unusual, the details, the material, you feel not in the center of Berlin, but definitely somewhere in Bali)⠀

The best assessment of the hotel, when the children, looking at the photos, say - I want to go there again :)⠀

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