Agritourism "Usadba y ozera"
Just the perfect place to isolate!

The agritourism “Usadba y ozera” is located in the village of Voiskuny, Vitebsk region, near Lake Bolduk. By the way, I read somewhere that these places are called Belarusian Switzerland.
This is a real Belarusian outback, where the nearest store is 40 km away in Postavy and a mobile shop comes 2 times a week. But what places are there!

The estate itself consists of 2 houses: a large one and a small one. We lived in a large house - it has everything you need, a terrace with a barbecue area, a gazebo, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a washing machine, water from a well, the house itself has 3 floors and 12 beds. The house is very comfortable, the owner does everything himself, both on the territory and in the house one feels warm and cozy. There are many interesting things: a collection of antique irons, tables with a base made of sewing machines, samovars, all wooden furniture made by the owner of the estate, millstone paths and it is believed that it is useful to run barefoot along them, there is also a device with which you can do it yourself flour and baking bread.

On the territory there is a sauna with a Japanese font, small planters, in which it will soon be possible to fish and many, many flowers. Lake Bolduk is located 100m behind the gate, but the descent to it is very steep and you need to go through it along a narrow ladder. As soon as you go down - in front of you is a very beautiful pier with a picturesque view of the lake , the water in which is clear and fish are visible, and you can also see how water lilies grow.

Lake Bolduk itself is one of the deepest in Belarus (46 m), there are a lot of fish here, but it is not easy to catch it. The lake belongs to the Blue Lakes National Park, there is an eco-trail nearby where you can walk and explore these places in more detail. In general, there are many legends about them here, and sea monsters have been seen here, and treasure can be found, and geothermal zones - in general, it will be interesting, just google it. In general, the agritourism is very original, the hosts are hospitable, the nature, the birdsong in the mornings are amazing and the silence here .... Just perfect for solitude, relaxation for both body and soul.
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